Carolers Have Sung under Our Balconies

New school building for the pupils from Crveni Bregovi village

On November the 21th new school building was formally put into service for the pupils from Crveni Bregovi – local school, part of Primary school Strasho Pindjur – Negotino/ The ceremony was attended.
by many guests from the community, Minister of education Nikola Todorov, Mayor of Negotino Pane Trajkov and representatives of the Austrian Embassy. The school building was built with a donation from the Austrian Development Agency and funds from the school.
As representatives of the Austrian Embassy were presented Alois Kraut, Petranka Work and Heinz Habertheuer - Attaché. Principle Vesna Jovanova initially welcomed the attendees and then word gave to the Minister Nikola Todorov. Representatives of the Austrian Embassy were given acknowledgments.

Winter in Pitesti City

Racoviţa Mansion - Our Local Museum

Carolers in Our School

The first carolers who visited our school were the retired persons belonging to the folk group called "Long Life" from the Cultural Center MIoveni. They sang us a lot of nice Christmas carols yesterday. The leadership of the school offered them pretzels and oranges. It was a great surprise for us and brought an immense joy in our souls.

Smile for Smile

Launch of the Cultural Bulletin Mioveni

Creativity in Pupils' Drawings

Let's Eat Healthy!

During the Practical Skills Class

Happy Halloween

Sumedru's Fire at "Liviu Rebreanu" School Mioveni

My pupil, Johnny, singing for you

The Harvest Week

Pottery – Romanian Tradition

Practical Skills of the 3rd Class

UEFA Champions League Tour in Romania

The Cup came in Pitesti City, today, October 1st.

Visiting the Fruit Institute Maracineni

Two classes, the 5th class D and the 7th class C have just visited the Fruit Institute Maracineni, between Mioveni Town and Pitesti City. The pupils were accompanied by their form teachers, Mrs. Ana Tudor and Mrs. Mariana Radulescu. The biologists of the Institute have explained to the pupils a lot of interesting things about the fruit-trees.

The pupils have watched a PowerPoint presentation in the Grand Hall of the Institute, have visited the greenhouses, the laboratories, the fruit storage, and have talk to the staff working here. The nice way in which the pupils have been received was crowned by the invitation to serve apples, a real joy for the students.

Let's Promote Our Project!

personalized greetings

Amazing Dacia Car

We live in the town of the Romanian car - Mioveni.

The Circus Comes to Town

Ion Moise Bădulescu, the young performer of Mioveni Cultural Center once again confirms its value. In those 12 years can be proud of dozens of awards obtained from national and international competitions and festivals.
After early August he won the big trophy at the Golden Stag Junior ago he entered the national selection for Eurovision Junior 2009.
The competition was allowed only 15 songs from the 43 participating. The song with which he will attend is "The Circus Comes to Town”. The pre-selection will be broadcast live on TVR 1 on September 20th and the winner will be designated with the jury but by a system of TV voting where we can vote for favorite artist.
The piece that will garner the most points will represent Romania in Kiev (Ukraine).

Primary school "Straso Pindjur", Negotino - Macedonia

Страшо Пинџур Primary School started  education and teaching   in 1937/38.
Physical Structure
Our school  is in the center of town Negotino, it is the central school, and it has 4 rural schools (situated in villages: Vojshanci, Pepeliste, Crveni Bregovi and Krivolak) as part of it. Consists of one building for the central school, and one building for every rural school. The central building is consisted of two parts: older – two floors, and new one with three floors. We have room for the teachers, for the psychologist and pedagoue, one for the principal, and one for the administration staff, library, canteen, technician lab, ICT lab, chemistry lab, art room.

We have internet connection (ADSL and wireless), two projectors, and soon (I hope if our project is accepted by World Bank – multimedia club). We have around 900 pupils, in the central and the rural schools.
Administration and  Staff:
 We have 27 class teachers, and 36 branch teachers. Principal (Vesna Jovanova) and director assistant (Saso Gorgiev), psycologist and pedagogue.       
Education & Learning
We have two shifts. Students from 1st to 5th grade are in school from 13 – 17 our.
Students from 6th to 9th grade are from 7.30 – 12.30.
Part of our students come by transportation (from the villages I mentioned)
We are teaching with the methodology “Creative learning” - from 1993.

Social Activities
We also have many extracurricular activities for tallented students so they can improve their skills for every subject. Also have activities for pupils who don’t show the wanted results.
We have football, handball, mathematitian club, Ict club, Technician club, journalist’s club, geography, history, biology, chemistry and physic’s club. Every year we celebrate: School Day (martch 5), Joke Day (1 april), we also have Tree day when we plant trees (it is on national level), we celebrate Women’s day (8 march). We celebrate spring (Spring handshakes) when pupils from 5 grade compete in knowledge, skills and art.
Every year we take part in national competitions where we show how much we have learned. The past year we won first place in National Informatic’s competition and third place on National olympics of mathematic.

Modern trends and changes in all fields of life and caused changes in education, traditional teaching and yielded to the modern. The teacher of authoritarian type of leader is transformed into a democratic type, planner and an active researcher. While students from passive listener to active participant in the educational process.
Our school’s vision is: Modern, effective and quality teaching according to the needs and interests of students,.
Our mission is: Realize, modern programs to meet the needs of students and encourage life learning."
Writen by: Stefan Andonov 7th grade